Saturday 2.22 @ 1p

Weeks have gone by since we last left the party. Much to everyone’s surprise the use of Ashamir’s magic has gone seemingly unnoticed. A mere four days from Bal’bar the journey seems all but at it’s end; until the sky seemingly split open and a small horde both demon and divine spilled out charging the party with winged fury. As this happened though the sky split once again and a second force engaged the original horde in combat. The group took shelter in the magical hat of the gnome caster. In a hurry, Ashamir did his best to describe the state of things and nature of the Blackfire but was interrupted as the demiplane his hat contained was ripped apart by blade of the Empyreal lord Ragathiel. Though most the travelers were not knowledgable enough to know the splendor of the being that stood before them, they were none the less overwhelmed by his his awesome presence. Ragathiel exchanged a brief conversation with Ashamir, before setting his eyes on Hienrich. He drew a weapon of which only Tomu would be able to describe, all others blind to the situation or captivated by the divine performance of another celestial being in service of Ragathiel, a blue energy flowing like fire in shape of a blade containing no steel. Ragathiel raised the blade and cleaved down through Hienrich, almost in disbelief Tomu saw that no physical damage had been done as the blade passed through the old man. Before departing, Ragathiel unleashed a brilliant light, absolutely charring Ashamir. With his dying breathe Ashamir told the party to speak with his friend Weezy who could be found in Balbar.

Escape the battle and entering the city, the party found Weezy. Weezy explained that Hienrich had been dimensionally scarred, unable to leave this plane till his wound had been healed, which as it turns out is no simple task. Requesting aid in this endeavor Heinrich and friends set out on the first step, retrieving the eye of a hag.


Heinrich Kemmler



Aseru Aseru

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