Trephex Harzigan

Hard as a rock, Don't bring that guff.


A mesh of man, steel, and wood. A lumbering human figure dawned in cloak and brandishing not but the vials he meticulously slaves to perfect, the Warforged alchemist.

Trephex Harzigan began life as a human, he was raised as any child in the slums had, begging for a dollar from the higher folk, working out petty schemes to make a decent nights coin just to buy a loaf of bread. Anything to keep him going. Through running with shady folk one day he came across a job, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, he would pick the note up in the town squares fountain, submerged, waiting in a scroll case. He was asked to rendevous with a few of his other friends outside of a warehouse that was in a part of town everyone knew was infamous for experiementations on animals…Sometimes humans. He was ordered to deliver a package to a contact across town, as usual he made his way. Upon arriving at the warehouse a man, draped in Red Full plate and tower shield guarded the door, the Passcode was never a word, it was always a series of body movements that seemed awkward at times…but got the job done. After the display of idiocy we were let through the door. Inside with 3 of his other friends, they stood in a white room, it was something they had never seen before, all sides, including the floor and ceiling glew with a vibrant bright light, to the left and right were doors without handles, indentations in the walls that strange hissing and bubbling noises could be heard coming from, at first the floor began to vibrate, then his body went stiff, the only thing he could do is look straight ahead, a noise from his left where the door was began to open. he couldn’t see anything, just hear the footsteps coming his way. Before him stood a Gnome, not more than 3 ft. tall, looking up at him, looking him and his friends over, no matter how much Trephex fought, his body wouldn’t move. “Hmm” as he walked around the 3 men, stricken with some sort of magic. “Yes….YES! THIS ONE” as he pointed to Trephex…“The others will be used as usual”. The vibrating stopped and he felt his muscles loosen, the first thought in his head was to run, as he turned around to bolt towards the door outside he caught himself looking at the figure donned in Red plate armor standing before him, first he saw the figure, a loud pop across the side of the head, then darkness. Trephex awoke, hands and feet tied, he was in another room, the walls were the same as the other he stood in before within the warehouse, brilliant white walls. ahead of him was a wall of glass, looking into another room with his three friends fastened in similar straps and sprawled out on tables that were tilted up. The gnome walked into the room with the 3 friends, a man following with a chest in his hands, he could hear nothing coming from the other side of the glass, all he could see was the gnome click his fingers as the human knelt down and opened the chest, inside were 3 vials of liquid and a strange device that looked like a needle some other parts unknown to him. One by one, the Gnome attached a vial to the strange, needle like contraption and jammed it straight into the mens chests, writhing in pain as they struggled to get free, their skin began to rip, tear and blood poured from every orifice, as Trephex sat there in horror as his 3 friends began to change, Ones skin turned to scales and his head, the melding of his skull, as it turned into a dragon type shape, sharp teeth began to jut from where his teeth used to be, he shook for a few minutes….then nothing, a husk of nothing more than a half dragon, half human body laid before him. The two others followed suit, he watched as they all began to deform one after another into different unknown creatures, one began to grow hair and had a wolf type face, again, writhing in pain and going limp, the last mans skin began to turn grey, grow long fingernails and his muscles bulged, he broke one strap free and began to claw at the other, the Gnome stood back for a second. Lifted his finger, pointing at the man, 4 beams of screaming fire came out of his hands and into the beasts chest, he went limp….They were all dead. With his finger still lifted, he turned his body to look back where Trephex was being held, head over the shoulder, terrible grin on his face, he exited the door, disappearing with the other man. An hour later, the door to his left began to open, a whistle came through the door, the gnome emerged, the sounds of metal on metal clanging around could be heard, another set of footsteps can be heard outside of the gnome and his assistant. A machine, with similar features of a man stood before him. The Gnome began to measure the mechanical man as it stood there, lifeless. Constantly looking at the gnome, he would click his fingers and the machine man would kneel down on one knee. He walked up to Trepehex, began to measure his arms, chest. Everything he had seen a tailor do to a man who was being suited for clothing. After a few minutes he stood back, with a pondering look as he scratched his chin….“Perfect, you….you are….PERFECT!” looking back at the mechanical man and back at Trephex, “This may just work after all Higs!” as he looked back at the man standing with the chest. The gnome clicked his fingers as the mechanical man and the human left the room, after a minute of staring at Trephex, the gnome says “You are….Oh my! where are my manners, my name is Ozglo…and I am assuming what you would be doing here eh?” haha, we’ll get to that in a minute" he clicked his fingers once more, the door opened and the man with a chest in hands proceeded into the door. He kelt down and opened the chest, inside he found the same contraption and a vial of glowing orange liquid resided inside. Much different from the ones he saw his friend use. “Trephex, I am here for many reasons, you being one I haven’t seen in quite awhile, I’ve been dying to use this for ages!” as he raised the glowing vial of liquid, “You’ll soon learn my friend, my dear Trephex Can you count backwards from 10 for me please?” Trepehex with a look of horror on his face looked down at the Gnome “You want me to…..” as the gnome rolled his eyes “too late, you take too long” as the gnome with blinding speed plugged the vial into the needle and jammed it into Trephexs chest. A sense of losing himself rushed over him, he felt all emotions, all parts of him began to go numb, the vial still embedded in his chest began to depleat, he felt the rush of every emotion come over him and leave in an instant, a feeling never felt before, there should be more pain than this he thought, but no. his skin did not begin to change, he did not grow fangs…nothing, he watched at the vial emptied. a week went by, they held him captive during that time, locking Trephex away in a white, vibrant wall room, with one door out, which he could not figure out how to open, everyday he got weaker, he felt nothing emotion wise. he was fading away, becoming a husk of who he used to be, everyday time became harder to keep track of, no matter how hard he tired, it got worse. everyday the gnome would make his way into the room and examine Trephex “it’s working, IT’S WORKING” as trephex attempted to push him away “My boy, you are going to be much more than a man, you’re the start of something new!”. the last day of the week the gnome made his presence in the room, before him stood a stretcher pushed by the human, there was no strength left in trephexs body, he felt nothing, even the human picking him up, he didn’t feel the arms wrapping aronud his body. all he could do is watch. He was pushed into another room, inside the sound of electricity running could be heard running through the entire room, mechanical objects on tables, fidgeting and humming about could be seen, there were two tables side by side, one was empty where he was being pushed to, on the other laid the mechanical man he saw a week before, laying lifeless, “Let the proceedure begin!” says the Gnome, “him, there” as he points to the open table. Trepehex was laid down and a contraption was attached to his body, wires connecting from his head over to the other table and a similar, larger object laid upon his chest “What…what did you put into me?” Says Trephex “Well my boy, its a intricate process, but i don’t see any harm in telling you, What I gave you was a mix of my own creation, it drains the body and mind of energy, while empowering your soul, a strong soul is needed for this so you’re lucky you didn’t end up like your friends” the gnome making his way up to his head and shutting his eyes with two fingers “You’ll thank me eventually for this”. Trephex laid there, motionless, attempting to fall asleep as best he can, not knowing what was about to come of him. Before he knew it his vision went black, drifting off to sleep" Trephex awoke, the sound of a voice from off in the distance struck his attention. it sounded hollow, yet comforting at the same time, a reassured voice telling him to come forth. “My newborn child, please….come into the light where I may see you” a voice echoed from two small flickering lights in the distance, he felt alive again, angry at the gnome who had imprisoned him, enlightened to be free, he made his way towards the voice. At a table with two small what looked to be candles made out of machinery sat on a table, illuminating the area around him, it was astonishing, the thing that had spoke to him not moments ago was a machine, it consisted of 4 layers of rings, each set smaller than another inside of each other rotating in different directions, and in the middle a vibrant white light shining outwards. a voice could be heard “My child, I am Gimblefritz, a god not known to many anymore, not since the days of my people walking the planes in masses, I have been watching you and am here to offer guidance, this is a dream my dear boy…when you awaken you will find many of the things you have come to cherish as a skin walker will be taken from you, but from within the absence of what was taken, you will find much much more has been given to you, knowledges of many things, perhaps I may guide you in a path you wish to follow” Trephex laid silent. “Alchemy…..I wish to use what has come to destroy me against others who oppress me” …“Alchemy you say?” repiled GimbleFritz…“Very well then, in the name of Gimblefritz you shall become an alchemist of my order, now go out, spread my name and bring me back to the world of the living once more” Screams could be heard, nothing Trephex had ever heard before, the sound of hissing and electricity jolting around, the gnomes voice couldn’t be heard too well over all the other noises, “It worked, it work…..Wait, somethings wrong…no, this had to work, it….” Trephex had gained his emotions back, with all the rage he had built up from all the misfortune that had came to him, he felt the strength of 100 men surge through him, the straps around his arms burst like cloth. his arms flew with lightning speed as he grabbed the Gnome by the head, his entire palm covered his head and grasped on tight, the Gnome bagan to wave his hands, indicating he was casting a spell. Trephex rushed off the table, grabbing both hands and snapping his wrists, it came as easy as breaking a twig off a tree, in horror the gnome stumbeled backwards, pushing himself towards a wall with his feet, writhing in pain from his writsts, Trephex without thinking snapped his head to a table filled with all sorts of vials and phials, something in his head knew exactly what every single one of these liquids were, he grabbed two, poured one vial into the other, shook and pulled back. “You’re perfect” said the gnome as a tear came to his eye…the vial flung loose, heading straight for the gnomes area, the two connected in his lap and then it happened, watching the force from the explosion impact and fire burn away at the gnomes face as he was blown to pieces. Trephex could feel nothing but joy, he saw what he had created….and he was there to bring it back ten fold, looking down in relief as he destroyed the man who had brought him so much agony, he looked at his hands…They were different “what?!” as he said out loud…A voice he did not recognize came out of himself. his hands were made completely of metal and wood, he felt the same but was the mechanical man! he looked over to the tables to find his body laying on the other table, lifeless. With a flare of anger he looked back where what remained of the gnome sat. "Gimblefritz, to you I swear my allegince, to abolish the world of scum like this, “For the Father, the one we call our maker, Our savior of men and machine!” All that could be seen was the structure of the warehouse burning down as Trephex walked away, covered himself in a cloak to disguise what he was, not knowing that life was about to become interesting, living in the name of a god who took away one gift and gave me another twice as good. “Always for you Gimblefritz, may you guide my hand and keep the cogs spinning” Trephex Harzigan

Trephex Harzigan

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